About Heather

I am a psychotherapist (LCSW/Licensed Clinical Social Worker) with over 12 years’ experience as well as a certified Soul Lightening Acupressure practitioner.  I combine my skills and training as a psychotherapist with my Soul Lightening Acupressure skills in order to address most effectively my clients’ whole selves – body, mind, emotions, soul – and facilitate their healing journey.

My own experience with Soul Lightening Acupressure:

I came to experience Soul Lightening Acupressure along my own healing journey.  I received Process Acupressure (PA) sessions in addition to the talk therapy I was already engaged in with a skilled therapist.  I found both modalities to be very valuable though over time I have found Soul Lightening Acupressure to be more deeply healing for me.  In a Souls Lightening Acupressure session I feel like my whole being is being listened to and attended to which in itself feels deeply healing.  For example I can come into a session feeling emotional stress, with my body fighting a cold, and an old injury bothering me and through the work all of these things are addressed and improved while I have cleared an old emotional pattern which improves my ability to be present for my children and have gained insight from my soul about the purpose of my life journey.

After some PA sessions I would feel like I had experienced the healing equivalent of three months’ worth of talk therapy sessions.  Receiving PA sessions has strengthened my trust in myself and my body, my trust in my own inner wisdom, and my belief in the importance and purpose of my experiences and my actions even when I don’t intellectually understand them at first.  When an image or a memory bubbles up during a session I don’t dismiss it as the noise of a busy mind.  When this happens, there has always been a deep connection to be seen, and this wisdom was coming up from within me.

When I practice Soul Lightening Acupressure on others I feel honored and privileged to be welcomed into their healing journey and to help facilitate their process.

My training in Soul Lightening Acupressure:

I am a certified Soul Lightening Acupressure practitioner.  After experiencing the healing power of Soul Lightening Acupressure for a few years through personally receiving sessions, I decided to enter into the training program to become a Soul Lightening practitioner and focus my practice on using this powerful modality.  My training included 168 hours of intensive hands-on trainings in small group sessions, giving 150 hours of sessions which I analyzed and reviewed with my mentor as well as a focus on my own deep healing through this work.

More about my training:

I earned my Masters in Social Work with a special focus on children and families from Hunter College School of Social Work in New York City.  I focused on working with individuals as well as facilitating groups and I have worked with adults, teens, children, and families throughout my career. During my time in New York I worked with an array of people, many of whom had very difficult lives living with poverty, recent immigration, multi-generational trauma, drug use, living in dangerous housing, and chronic illness.  I worked in hospitals, outpatient mental health clinics with intensive cases deep in Brooklyn, family-based clinics, and did home visits deep into the Bronx.

I received intensive training in the fields of family therapy and trauma recovery including a training in Structural Family Therapy from the Minchin Institute in New York City.  I have received many further trainings on topics including working with children, working with children who have experienced trauma, working with trauma from many perspectives including complex/developmental trauma (trauma experienced in childhood especially in the family of origin),  Buddhist psychology, parenting, and mindfulness-based interventions.

In my professional career I have been seeking knowledge about healing from many cultures and traditions – trying to weave together the wisdom of them all.  I have been drawn to modalities that engage the whole self not just the mind like play therapy, art therapy, family therapy, mindfulness-based therapies, yoga therapy, nature-based therapies and animal-assisted therapies.  I see people as a part of their environment and how that environment affects them – and I love interventions that address people as holistically and completely as possible.  I love facilitating group therapy and have seen so much healing take place when people connect together in this way.

I have always been seeking a therapy modality to use that is the most powerful and efficient at healing people so that they can lead the lives they want to lead.  I believe I have found that in Soul Lightening Acupressure and I use Soul Lightening Acupressure as the structure for each of my sessions.

More about me:

I am a mom to two young children who have taught me a lot about how to love with an open heart, how to set healthy boundaries, how to keep moving through hard times, and how grateful I am for my life.